Awards and Honours January 2016 – June 2016

Congratulation to students of Pamela Smirl, Michael Smirl & Alberto Ubach!

 Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival

Composition Awards -  Florence Win, Sara Ponce de Leon, Isabella Win, Samuel Li, Madison Paige Houchin, Taya Lee, Wishva Kosgoda, Emily Lait, Sarah Chapeskie, & Samuel Li.

Piano Awards Junior - Sight Reading & Recital Group: Wishva Kosgoda Adjudicator’s Choice: Marcus Liang.

Piano Awards Intermediate – Sight Reading: Seoyoon Lee, Romantic: Samuel Li, Recital Group: Seoyoon Lee, Accompanying: Isabelle Liang

Piano Awards Senior – Collaborative: Rachel Lee

Honours Concert Performances: Marcus Liang, Wishva Kosgoda, Samuel Li, Seoyoon Lee, Sarah Chapeskie & Seoyoon Lee, Emma Houchin, Emily Lait, Rachel Lee.


Top Citizenship Award - Grade 9 Concert Band - Spectrum Community School Band: Jennifer Foster

Avalon Singers bursary in memory of Naomi Derksen: Sarah Chapeskie

 Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations

First Class Honours with Distinction: Isabelle Liang, Sarah Chapeskie, Wishva Kosgoda, Eric El Nahas, Naomi El Nahas, Taya Lee, Mythri Ushetigge, Quinn O’Brian.

First Class Honours: Roberta Iuvale, Melissa Brehaut, Keegan Lonsdale, Emily Lait, Ava Denneny, Isabelle Liang.


BC Registered Music Teacher Association Composition Awards

Senior: Sarah Chapeskie 2nd

Intermediate: Emily Lait 1st, Emma Houchin 2nd

Junior: Madison Houchin 3rd



PJ Music Students in the Community!  Eric El-Nahas and Teen Fest 2015.

Hear Eric Play HERE


Provincial and National Award for Composition: Robbie

Pickle Jar

The Royal Conservatory of Music Celebration Series Contest Winner Rachel ! 

Featured below is Rachel playing Dance (Juba) by Nathaniel Dett from the new Celebration Series.


Rachel's video was selected as the best rendition of Dance (Juba) by Nathaniel Dett, a Level 10 sneak preview piece from The Royal Conservatory's new Celebration Series® piano books, coming in Spring 2015!

Congratulations to Rachel and her teacher Pamela Smirl!

June 2014 to June 2015

Awards and Honours

Awards for the current year to be announced at Recitals!

Congratulation to students of Pamela Smirl, Michael Smirl & Alberto Ubach!


BC Day Celebration Performing Arts Festival -Westshore - Guest Performances: Alizágada T, Samuel L, Isabelle L, Rachel L, Taya L & Sarah C. 

BC Registered Music Teachers' Gala Luncheon: Guest Performance: Sarah C, Wishva K, Maia B. 

BC Registered Music Teachers' Association Susan Pappajohn award for the highest mark in Victoria in a Grade 7 exam: Sarah C. 

Royal Conservatory of Music Celebration Series Video Countdown finalists: Sarah C; Roberta I, Isabelle L, Mythri U, Eric E , Naomi E, Alizágada T, Eric E, Mythri U, Emily L. & Wishva K!


Royal Conservatory of Music Celebration Series Video Countdown Winner

Gr. 10: Rachel L.

Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival:

Representing the Greater Victoria Area at the BC Provincial Festival  for Piano: - Rachel L, Taya L.

Composition Awards: Samuel L, Wishva K, Emily L, Sarah C. 

Piano Jr. Awards - Sight Reading: Jr. Isabelle L & Samuel L.  Classical:  Samuel L; Romantic: Samuel L; Canadian  Emily L.  20th Century Samual L; Concert Group: Wishva K; Duet:  Wishva K & Emily L; Baroque: Mythri U.  Piano Intermediate Awards - Baroque: Taya L; Concerto: Taya L.

Senior Piano Awards: Sight Reading: Sarah C; Concert Group: Rachel L; Collaborative: Rachel L. 

Intermediate Honours Concert Performances: Emily L, Taya L; Rachel L, Samuel L. GVPAF Composition Honours Concert: Olihvia B, Wishva K, Samuel L.  GVPAF Senior Piano Honours Concert: Rachel L. 

Avalon Singers bursary in honour of Naomi Derksen: Rachel L

BC Registered Music Teachers Association Provincial Music Writing Competition Winners: First Place: Florence W, Roberta I & Samuel L Second Place: Keegan L Third Place: Emily L. 

Collwood Arts Council Guest Performers: Eric E & Sarah C.

National MusicFest Canada-Honours Award: Eric E 

Jazz Band Award: Eric E

Concert Band 8/9 Musician of the Year: Eric E

Royal Conservatory of Music -Gold Medal for top guitar examination mark in BC Sasha A.


            Congratulations to All the PJ Music Students for your  dedication to Music this season!  PJ is very proud of all of you!       


       The Royal Conservatory of Music - Toronto - Launching a new series of Celebration Series Piano Books held a competition for new musical peices.  Over a dozen PJ Music students entered and many were chosen as runners up. 


Congratulations to the students of Alberto Ubach, Michael Smirl and Pamela Smirl: 

Pay it Forward Award from City of Colwood: RACHEL L

Recipient of Gold Medal (top mark in BC for RCM Exam): MATT  M

Highest Marks in Victoria Conservatory Exams: SAMUEL L

B C Registered Music Teachers’ Susan Pappajohn award for the highest mark in Grade 7 exam RACHEL L.

Provincial and National Composition awards 2012: ALIZAGADA T, DANAI K, SAEGEAS M, SATAI M, CARMYN S and GRAHAM R

Provincial Composition awards 2013: DANAE K, ALIZAGADA T,  OLIVER K, SAEGEAS M and CARMYN S

Provincial Composition awards 2014:SETH R and CARMYN S

National awards 2013 – DANAE K, ALIZAGADA T,  SAEGEAS M and CARMYN S

Murray Adaskin Composition Awards 2013: DANAE K, ALIZAGADA T

GVPA Festival Piano Section 2013: ISABELLE LIANG (Junior Sight Reading) TAYA L (Junior Adjudicators Choice) SAEGEAS M.           (Junior Concert Group) SARAH C (Intermediate Sight Reading) SATAI M (Intermediate Concert Group) CARMYN S (Senior Sight Reading ) CARMYN S (Senior)

GVPA Festival Piano Section 2014: TAYA L (Junior Adjudicators Excellence Award,  Concert Goup Award, Concerto Cup and Concerto Award) SARAH C (Intermediate Sight Reading and Concert Group Award) SATAI M (Intermediate Concert Group)

TAYA L  performed in the 2014 GVPAF Festival Piano Honours Concert

GVPA Festival Composition 2013 Section 1st place in their age catagory: ALIZAGADA T, ELLIOT M, JAMIE B, SAEGEAS M, LIAM N, SATAI MILLER and CARMYN SLATER

GVPA Festival Composition 2014  Section 1st place in their age catagory: MELODY R, HAVANNA R, ROBERTA I, ABIGAIL-KATRINA D, WISHVA K, AMALIA M and CARMYN S.

Adjudicators Choice Award for Top Composition 2013 ALIZAGADA T and CARMYN S.

Adjudicators Choice Award for Top Composition 2014 CARMYN S. 

KEEGAN L, AMALIA M, WISHVA K and SETH R performed in the 2014 GVPA Festival Composition Honours Concert

First Class Honours with Dinstinction (90%-100%)2013/14 RCM Exams :


RACHEL L and JAMIE B performed in the 2013 BC Registered Music Teachers Gala Honours Luncheon

RACHEL L will be the musician performing at the Art Opening at the Coast Collective Arts Centre on June 28, 2014



Awards 2009 to 2011

Junior and Intermediate Piano and Composition Honours Concert and Awards (April 2008)
Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival 2008

Watch for more awards to be posted for 2008

Music Writing Competition
BC Registered Music Teachers 2007
(June 2007)
Check it out! The only winners from Victoria belonged to us!

Music for Young Children Composition Festival (May 2007)
Six year old William Harsent, recives Honourable Mention in the Competition Festival!

Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival (Festival 2007)
Wow, lots of first place.

Music Writing Competition Canadian Registered Music Teachers 2007
Graham Roebuck received 2nd Place Nationally with his piece "Journey to Strange Lands"



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